Being around Slingerland drums all our lives it's only natural that we specialize in restoring Slingerland drums. We're not limited to Slingerland and we can custom build whatever you want in a drum or build a complete set out of old or new shells - - it's your choice. 

- Jim Moritz

Chicago Drum & Restoration
     What's Old Is New Again™


We've been busy here at CDR creating custom drums and restoring your old ones. Take a look at some of the latest drums like the 12 lug black gloss snare and more!

The November 2013 issue of Downbeat magazine includes an article on Timber & Timbre which features Jim Moritz, owner of Chicago Drum & Restoration. 

Pick up a copy at your local store or order a copy online by clicking here.
Above: An assortment of Slingerland snare drums on display at Chicago Drum & Restoration
Shown Above: Custom double bass drum pedal made by Jim Moritz
Shown Above: An assortment of drums on display at Chicago Drum & Restoration